The joy and wonder of travel is embedded in everything we do, whether it's an open mind, open heart, or taste for adventure. And we believe that a great spirit of adventure needs four things to survive: trust, honesty, hard work and passion. That's why we test our products before bringing them online. It's why we make information about them clear and accessible to you. It's why we share as much as we can about who we are, what we do, and why we do it. It's why we're committed to making good ideas better. It's why we will never get tired of hearing your ideas and suggestions. 

Last but not least, our spirit of adventure is why we get up in the morning—busy planning the next voyage, and the next, and the next. We thrive on adventure. We'll stop when our knees give way. And it gives us such pleasure knowing our snapshots of the world can find a place in yours. 


We started from scratch, because we wanted to make sure we offered as much information and assistance to customers as we could, which meant building everything from the ground up, including faith in our own products. 

If we were going to invest all our time, money and hope into this business, we wanted to know exactly what we were selling before charging off to do all the fun stuff, like photo tours of Bangkok, Penang, India, Spain, Turkey, London and Angkor. But if we’re being completely honest, we also did our homework because we’re nerds from way back, and research is our favourite part of any endeavour!

We focused on our products and our website

Our Products

First, we looked at several suppliers, carefully considering each. Then we selected the supplier that had the the best infrastructure for us and would consistently produce quality merchandise for you. But we didn't stop there.

We ordered multiple samples of every product type we sell, in different colour ranges and with different patterns or textures. The vast majority looked and felt better than we’d hoped for! And on the rare occasions we received a sample that didn't work out so well we played it safe, scrapping any other products that may have delivered similar results.

We also asked our suppliers a bunch of questions, from as many different angles as possible — business owner, customer, photographer, administrator, quality controller. And we listened hard as they confirmed some of our own knowledge, but also told us things we didn't know that have served us well.

The Site

It started with you, then the products, as it should. We took every measure to provide clear and detailed information about our products for you. We hope we've built product descriptions that feature (almost) everything you’d want to know, because we you to feel as confident about our products as we do. And if you want to know even more hop on a flight to our product info FAQs.

We made every effort to avoid the pitfalls of online shopping, like menus that confuse you rather than guide you, lacklustre FAQs that leave you wanting more, or unclear shipping and returns info, which we think are as bad as typos in a job application. We also injected as much fun as we could along the way. And we're always open to ideas or suggestions that could make things better—we'd love to hear from you!

We questioned everything, including ourselves

We asked way more questions of ourselves than our suppliers. We asked them of ourselves, our product range, and our website. 

We tried to get out of our heads as much as possible, too. At times it was much more fun to imagine a question someone else might ask us. We also posted many of the images that are featured on our products to our personal social media accounts. It really helped us get a sense of what other people thought about our viewpoint and aesthetic. And as nerve-wracking as it was, we showed our product samples and website to dozens of people that don’t live inside our heads, or say nice things because they love us.

Someone asked what sort of fabric our pillows were made of because they have allergic reactions—who wants a rash after snuggling up with their new pillow on a Westworld binge? Another wondered if the dyes on our pillows are safe for kids—they most certainly are, and we're so glad we checked. Other people wanted to know all of that and more. People like us. We wanted to know if the pillows felt soft to the touch, how durable the fabric was, if they had a concealed zipper... The list goes on, and they’re all important questions for different reasons.

Different people asked such different things about just one of our products, so we knew we had to apply that same thinking to the information we provided about all our products. We hope that we've built product descriptions containing (almost) everything you’d want to know. And if you want to know even more hop on a flight to our product info FAQs.

We took the time to get it right

Most people view online shopping as a time saver. Not us, and we’re fine with that. We spend the same amount of time researching what to buy online as we'd spend if we looked in four or five retail stores. But we’ve always been detail freaks, and we always ask a million questions before parting with hard-earned cash. Trawling a couple dozen sites to find something at the best price, with clear and consistent product info, too... that will never feel like a waste of time to us. It feels like we've just made a friend. Whether it's a restaurant that knows our order, or an online business that makes it easy and fun for us to get the world delivered to our door!

So sure, we're research nerds. Can't stop, won't stop. And that's why we went all out on this lil' dream of ours, because when customers find what they really want—what they really really want—the last thing we want is to get in the way of their excitement. Or the facts. Customers shouldn't have to work to find information about their latest love, or the people they're buying it from. We think it's common sense for businesses to present customers with as many clear and insightful details as they can about who they are, what they do, and what they’re selling.

Of course, we’re not perfect. So what if you see something we’ve missed? Or have a question it appears we haven't thought of? Then there’s a very good chance we’ll be great friends! We’re always looking for ways to make good ideas better, and we’ll never get tired of research. So if there’s something you think we forgot (or might not know about yet) please contact us to share the news. We’d love to hear from you.

We may have missed a spot

We’re not perfect, but that's never stopped us from trying. We’re always looking for ways to make good ideas better, and we’ll never get tired of research. So if you see something we’ve missed, or you have a question it appears we haven't thought of, there’s a good chance we’ll be great friends. Please contact us to share any news, ideas or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!


More artwork.

More designs.

Bigger product range.

And more travel, of course!