Your Purchasing Power's A Force For Good

Wanderlost and Found makes ethical shopping feel easy-peasy rainbow breezy. And our good deed ecosystem's at the heart of it. It's designed to make shopping kinder. Without costing the Earth or costing you an arm and a leg.

There's no secret. We give more and take less. Simple as that. Multiplying good deeds with every treasure sold. So we can all do good by doing more of what we love.

3 x Your Good Deeds With Every Treasure Purchased

1. Every treasure is socially responsible

2. Every treasure has local & sustainable giving baked in to the cost of goods through our partnership with Buy1Give1

3. Every treasure = 1 tree planted through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects

1. Your New Treasure's Ethically Made At Every Stage

Wanderlost & Found's an ethical marketplace offering treasure from around the globe. We're committed to working with socially responsible partners, brands & designers who supply our treasure. So all the treasure on our store is socially responsible — made by crafters and makers paid fair wages in safe and generous working environments

2. Your New Treasure Creates Real-World Impact Through Buy1Give1

We know how much cleaner, safer, kinder & more connected the world will be once we start joining forces to help make it better, together. Which is why every order on our store has giving baked in to the cost of goods. Meaning every purchase makes real-world impact towards the UN Sustainability Goals through our partnership with Buy1Give1.

3. Your New Treasure = 1 Tree Planted & Habitats Restored

We offset carbon by reforesting lands with native flora, not greenwashed tree farms that only exist to produce more timber for consumption. Our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects helps to reduce extreme poverty & restore healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year.

How Our Good Deed Ecosystem Works

The World Grows By Giving

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