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Hello, I'm Toby—Founder and Creative Director of Wanderlost & Found. Like most entrepreneurs, I'm also a designer, strategist, accountant, part-time therapist and I even moonlight as a copywriter — all for my own business!

Everything you'll uncover on Wanderlost & Found is infused with my love of beauty, passion for travel, and the endless respect I have for my ancestors—past, present, and future.

If there was one thing I could ask everyone on Earth to do it would be:

Think how radically different our home could look if we stopped buying meaningless crap that's bad for the planet or does harm to more people with each step down the production line. What if we agreed to live with one intention at a time, so that we can all see figure out the best way to regain stability for our shared home, together?

It's something I'm passionate about and committed to. It's why every product on our site helps meet the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). And they've inspired us to go further — building on them and growing new branches. Sustainability can be fun, easy, and even couture—but only by design...

Design moves fast. And that's what our sustainability goals motivate us to do: keep moving. Wanderlost & Found is built to adapt regularly and often. Designed to start where we want to end up. The way our ancestors have before us, time and again.

Welcome aboard. I'm thrilled you're here with us on this flight from A to Wanderlost!


The Wanderlost & Found Playbook

We aim to provide the best quality products at reasonable prices with competitive production speeds. But we think those considerations must include key questions about sustainability and fairness. That's why we favour sustainable production methods, liveable wages, and eco-conscious materials wherever possible.

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Our Top 3 sustainability Goals

No More Good Cop / Bad Cop

Sustainability Will Only Be Possible If We Design The Future Together

Let's Rewrite The Playbook!

The good cop / bad cop routine is a terrible way to spark change in someone. A reaction, sure. Or a confession. But it's got a really poor success rate when it comes to lasting change, motivation to change, or anything change related.

Change is up to us. Simple as that. And we're not going to get there quickly enough if we hold each other back by policing each other over sustainable living practices. We've stopped mixing with any of that good cop / bad cop hullaballoo — coming from just about every message board, Twitter feed or IG you care to mention. 

We're determined to move beyond black / white, left / right solutions and make real progress. Starting yesterday. And in lots of different directions, too. Not the same ooooold things that we've all tried before. You know the ones. The ones we know stopped working long ago, but do them anyway because we're all so busy and we don't know what else to do. Isn't that one of the worst feelings in the world? Knowing something could be better but having to do it the broken way because it's too big for you to fix.

And how do some folk try to fix it online? Good cop / bad cop routines designed to educate and... what, exactly? Half-shame people into doing the right thing? Do they actually think anyone will blend a good habit into their lives because someone's treated them like a suspect?

Seriously, we don't get it. We don't understand and we don't care. We're done with that loop. For good.

You won't catch us pull any holier than thou stuff.

Or thrash out any standover tactics in a Twitter rage.

Not. Our. Style.

It's time to rethink the way we approach sustainability. Make it easier, more fun—even couture!

We'll get there so much faster and keep to our commitments a helluva lot longer if we get there together. Making the time to solve things in the simplest ways that work for most people, so they can take action easily and make impacts quickly. Always trusting that we'll kick another goal in the next upgrade, too. Staying focused on the best we can do here and now, one intention at a time...

All aboard — let's get wanderlost!

P.S. We know of many wonderful, dedicated, and heroic people in the police force

One of whom we're proud to call a friend ♡

Sounds like basic common sense, doesn't it? But there are plenty of online retailers that don't. We learned that the hard way. That's why we make sure we can deliver our products with confidence—knowing all their strengths, all their constraints, and being sure the colours you see on our website's product images are as close as possible to what you get in the mail.

This is true on so many levels that we almost don't know where to start. But one thing we're certain of is this: it makes sense to share as much as we can about who we are, what we do, our products, systems, and processes. Sharing helps you make informed decisions. It helps you understand us better. And it saves time thinking about what, when, why, or where, so you can spend more time getting wanderlost!

There's nothing we hate more than watching an inquiring mind get shut down, because we all see the world slightly differently, and we all learn in particular ways. If you ask us, there's no such thing as a stupid question. In fact, we spend our days (and nights) asking questions of just about everything. Yes, everything—no question's too big or small, too broad or too tall. We're completely addicted, and we're always (yes, always) happy to answer yours.

It can be as simple as asking a question, applying for your dream job, or taking a trip somewhere you've never been before... by yourself. Some of the most adventurous souls were struck by fear on the road to greatness. We still get scared, too. All the time. But one day (many moons ago) we switched from being paralysed by fear to being afraid and doing it anyway. We never looked back... 

Making Shopping Kinder

All the products on Wanderlost & Found meet sustainability commitments — ours and yours.

We're aligned to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. We know how much more powerful the world could be if we make it better together.

We've baked in local and sustainable impacts with every order on our store. The incredible folks at B1G1 make it possible to create these HUGE impacts to our planet's future that we couldn't possibly achieve on our own. And besides, honest work is always more fun with friends!

The Things We Do To Create Impact Every Day

On 25 September 2015, world leaders at the UN adopted 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). They cover the global community’s next steps in ending poverty, fighting inequality and injustice, and tackling climate change for the next 15 years.

Here are the SDG impacts we've made at Wanderlost & Found so far...









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