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The Slate + Salt mission is to bring you a curated collection of modern, one-of-a-kind pieces while preserving traditional techniques and supporting the Fair Trade movement. They work closely with small social enterprises to facilitate dignified working opportunities in areas of extreme poverty. They encourage you to explore other cultures and traditions in a socially conscious way.

About the Artisans

Everything you own has a story. Wouldn’t it be nice to know where your products came from and that they were made with love in a sustainable way?

What you wear and how you chose to shop says a lot about who you are. As a socially conscious buyer you are positively impacting the world by enabling rural artisans in underdeveloped nations to support their families and continue to live in their own communities. When you purchase ethically produced goods you are helping to break the cycle of poverty by supporting programs that empower women entrepreneurs and educate children. Fair trade restores dignity to the artisans and assists women to become role models to their communities. The economic empowerment gives them the opportunity to stay in their villages and they will be less likely to migrate to urban areas. All products you purchase have an impact on the social change of our world.

Although we seem worlds apart from these countries, people all over the world generally want the same thing: to be happy, healthy and provide the best for their families. We have the same basic wants, needs, and dreams. Your purchase is part of social change by providing hope and a future for those born into less fortunate economical situations.

Because products are handmade and hand-dyed each piece is special, one of a kind, and slight variations occur. We are always scouring new finds for you, so the Slate + Salt range frequently changes and items are available for a limited time. Check back often for new finds!

The Slate + Salt Journey

SLATE + SALT was founded by an avid traveller who felt the need to share her stories and finds with the world. Through extensive travel to developing countries, Lyndsay fell in love with the people, the cultures, and the craftsmanship of pieces that applied traditional techniques to modern designs. She recognized the beauty of hand crafted products as opposed to mass produced goods made in factories. She saw an opportunity to give a worldwide customer base to artisans in rural villages. Through frequent trips and partnerships with Fair Trade cooperatives, she fosters relationships to bring ever-changing handcrafted designs to the globally minded nomad.

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White Khmer Silk Scarf - Slate + Salt
Sapphire Khmer Silk Scarf - Slate + Salt
Recycled Bombshell Choker - Black - Slate + SaltRecycled Bombshell Choker - Slate + Salt
Recycled Bomb Pendant Necklace - Black - Slate + SaltRecycled Bomb Pendant Necklace - Slate + Salt
Nisha Collar Necklace - Slate + SaltNisha Collar Necklace - Slate + Salt
Ocean Tribal Clutch - Slate + SaltOcean Tribal Clutch - Slate + Salt
Ocean Tribal Clutch
Sale price$44
Sold out
Queen’s Ceremonial Cuff - Slate + SaltQueen’s Ceremonial Cuff - Slate + Salt
Recycled Bomb Chopsticks - Slate + SaltRecycled Bomb Chopsticks - Slate + Salt
Nira Fringe Earrings - Slate + SaltNira Fringe Earrings - Black - Slate + Salt
Nira Fringe Earrings
Sale price$28
Sold out
Needlepoint Tassel Pillow Cover - Slate + SaltNeedlepoint Tassel Pillow Cover - Slate + Salt
Sold out
Needlepoint Star Clutch - Slate + SaltNeedlepoint Star Clutch - Slate + Salt
Sold out
Needlepoint Hmong Clutch - Slate + SaltNeedlepoint Hmong Clutch - Slate + Salt
Sold out
Mango Tie Dyed Scarf - Slate + SaltMango Tie Dyed Scarf - Slate + Salt
Mango Tie Dyed Scarf
Sale price$46
Midnight Interwoven Alpaca Gloves - Slate + SaltMidnight Interwoven Alpaca Gloves - Slate + Salt
Maya Collar Necklace - Slate + SaltMaya Collar Necklace - Slate + Salt
Maya Collar Necklace
Sale price$54
Nadu Temple Necklace - Slate + SaltNadu Temple Necklace - Slate + Salt
Nadu Temple Necklace
Sale price$52
Sold out
Lavani Collar Necklace - Slate + SaltLavani Collar Necklace - Slate + Salt
Lola Fan Earrings - Black - Slate + SaltLola Fan Earrings - White - Slate + Salt
Lola Fan Earrings
Sale price$28
Labradorite Pendant Necklace - Slate + SaltLabradorite Pendant Necklace - Slate + Salt
Kyra Tassel Bracelet - Slate + SaltKyra Tassel Bracelet - Slate + Salt
Kyra Tassel Bracelet
Sale price$44
Kali Flower Bracelet - Slate + SaltKali Flower Bracelet - Slate + Salt
Kali Flower Bracelet
Sale price$42
Krisha Tassel Necklace - Slate + SaltKrisha Tassel Necklace - White - Slate + Salt
Kai Pyramid Necklace - Slate + SaltKai Pyramid Necklace - Slate + Salt
Kai Pyramid Necklace
Sale price$32
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Harbor Chevron Knit Alpaca Gloves - Slate + SaltHarbor Chevron Knit Alpaca Gloves - Slate + Salt

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