Why Buy From Us?

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Multiply Your Good Deeds Without Costing The Earth Or Breaking The Bank

All the treasure on Wanderlost & Found helps you gain peace of mind that your money's being kind:

— Sourced from suppliers, partners, makers & magicians who believe social responsibility's a duty and a privilege, just like we do
— All the treasure on Wanderlost & Found is handcrafted in small batches, grown thoughtfully (never farmed), or printed on demand to reduce energy use & water consumption while conserving resources
— Mindfully made by talented folks paid fair wages in safe and generous working environments
— Supporting communities, honouring craftsmanship & preserving culture
— We give back to UN Sustainability Goals with every purchase
— Carbon positive shopping with 1 tree planted for every treasure sold
Every treasure on Wanderlost & Found has 3 x good deeds baked in. How? We give more & take less. Simple as that.
Want 3 x The Good?

Getting Lost Is Half The Fun

The joy and wonder of travel is embedded in everything we do, whether it's an open mind, open heart, or taste for adventure.

A great spirit of adventure needs four things to thrive:

• Trust
• Honesty
• Hard work
• Passion

Which is why we share as much as we can about who we are, what we do, and why we do it. It's why we're committed to making good ideas better. It's why we will never get tired of hearing your ideas and suggestions. And last but not least, our spirit of adventure is why we get up in the morning — busy planning the next voyage, and the next, and the next.

We thrive on adventure. We'll stop when our knees give way. And it gives us such pleasure knowing our corner of the world can find a place in yours.

The World Grows By Giving

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