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Great product

This conditioner is really great! It leaves my hair feeling super soft and manageable.

Great product

This shampoo is really great! It leaves my hair feeling super soft and manageable.

Veronica on Marz Sleep Spray

One spray was broken and leaked into the package. I sent photos and have not heard from you

Sweet Dreams

I have been using the spray for over a year. It helps me to get a restful nights sleep. The taste is appealing and the administration easy. Sweet dreams!

Great for a good nights rest!

With Marz Labs Sleep Spray I don't have to worry about laying in bed for 45 minutes with my mind racing before falling asleep, and it helps to keep me asleep all night long. It was great for taking on my mini staycation because sleeping in strange places can be difficult, also the bottle is a great size and weight for travel.

This works!

5 sprays is the perfect dose for me to get a restful night of sleep and 2-3 sprays is perfect to just relax & unwind. I love that you can control the dose, unlike pills. The effects occur for me within minutes, it is extremely fast acting. I also love that there are no side effects at all - I wake up fresh and rejuvenated, no feeling groggy the next day.

Great product

I usually spray five times or less- but it varies from person to person. The first time I used it, honestly 2 mins I was asleep which is so random cause my mind wanders a lot.

Tastes so good

I am a chronic pain patient and a spoonie. So I take a lot of pills. It's so nice to replace 4 of them at night with a spray. It tastes so good for a spray of its kind. It reminds me of a flavored mountain dew. It works quickly and it's a really nice mellow sleep.

Dracaena Song of India 

I love it!

Dracaena Song of India 

Beautiful and very graceful looking.

Dracaena Song of India 


Dracaena Song of India 

The plant was healthy and strong. I am looking forward to seeing her grow.

Dracaena Song of India 

healthy plant, well packaged, growing quickly

Croton 'Gold Dust' 

Plants looked great upon arrival and shipping was quick! Thank you!

Croton 'Gold Dust' 


Great Gift! Beautifully Packaged.

I purchased this kit as a gift and the recipient was beyond elated when it arrived in the mail. It was beautifully packaged, arrived quickly, and the contents were gorgeous. In addition, they have fantastic customer service! I wanted to add a gift note, and they were able to make that happen for me. Thank you so much!


I’ve slept through the night for the past three nights taking this and usually I wake up a couple of times. Plus it tastes yummy


These chunky crayons are perfect for small hands and smell delicious! The colours are strong and vibrant. Highly recommended.

Book - Propagating Plants
michael o dwyer
Lots of idea's in the book.

I will not be using the book for sometime till this lock down is over and I can travel to Ireland where I will be using the info in it to make a professional garden.

Best shower time!

We call shower time (color time). Truly fun way to engage with your toddler in the shower, color and have with them. My baby girl loves it! She colors the glass doors, shower walls and floors and at the end she says bye bye color and put them away.Great buy!

Book - Propagating Plants
Amazon Customer

Fantastic as are all RHS books. Can be used in any world locations.

Great for gardening apron!

I have been looking for a gardening apron for a long time. This is perfect! The tools I use the most fit in the pockets and it is short enough to bend down with it on. It is made of thick fabric which is also great for gardening.

Great book

Good directions. Easy to follow and good visuals.

Tolle Malstifte

Super tolle Stifte, die auch noch richtig klasse riechen. Passen perfekt in kleine Kinderhände und können nicht durchbrechen.

Best shower crayons around!

These shower crayons are amazing! At first the price seemed really unjustified, but our daughter hasn't managed to use them all up in one shower like she can the crap you get at local stores! I wish these were sold locally for more convenient purchasing and zero wait time, but other than that, would totally buy these again!!!

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