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This treasure's brought to you by Mira — a Fair Trade company that safeguards the lifestyle of marginalised artisans by delivering products which embolden individual and cultural identities. Mira Fair Trade maintains a commitment to improving the overall well-being of their artisan partners and families. They focus on women and the economically disadvantaged in order to uplift entire communities.

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 Free Shipping • USA Only

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A famous piece of Indian home decor, Bells Totas are hand crafted. The bell attached to each Bell Tota is supposed to keep away malevolent spirits and confer good luck upon a house hold. 36 inches in length.


Made By Local Crafters In Safe, Generous & Responsible Environments

When you invite Mira Fair Trade into your home you're empowering women + underprivileged artisans by helping them attain long-term sustainability & economic independence through Fair Trade. Safeguarding marginalized artisans by protecting their individual and cultural identities.

Multiply your Good Deeds With Every Treasure On Our Store

Every Treasure = 1 Tree Planted

Every Treasure's Ethically Produced

Every Treasure = 1 Global Impact

Full Member Of World Fair Trade Organisation & A Green America Certified Business

Mira Fair Trade's committed to improving the overall well-being of their artisan partners & families while being as sustainable as possible in all aspects of business. This is done by partnering with groups that work on local projects that benefit artisan communities, such as building schools, digging wells + irrigation.


Handmade With Love

Sustainably Produced

Ethically Made In India


Free Shipping • USA Only

13 Reviews
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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Mira Fair Trade?

Mira Fair Trade was founded in 2008 by Meera Viswanathan. After working as a CPA for over 8 years, Meera sought change and decided to visit rural parts of India with her family on one of their annual trips. During that visit, she met many talented artisans struggling to earn living wages, and thus the idea for her business was born. 

Growing up in India, Meera always enjoyed shopping at places where she could buy directly from the producer - a personal interaction that she missed in the big shopping malls of the United States. The artisans she met shared stories of their lives, and their skills fascinated her. Unfortunately, without the education or resources to help them, the artisans had no control over their products or wages and they were often paid only $1 a day for their work. Meera quickly realized that her purchasing power made a big difference in the artisans’ lives.

It was an easy decision for Meera to help the artisans earn fair wages by bringing these beautiful products to mainstream consumers throughout the U.S. She found support and gathered resources from the Fair Trade Federation, an association which sets standards for fair trade businesses and holds them accountable for their work and procedures based off of the Principles of Fair Trade. Meera also became involved with groups that work on community projects, such as building schools, digging wells, and working on irrigation and water projects. Thanks to these efforts, some dying arts and crafts were preserved.

Meera annually tours rural areas in India where these artisans live and work, and meets the community organizers and the non-profit organizations that produce her inventory. Meera works directly at the grass roots levels to design beautiful, ethnic products suitable for the western world.

As the famous quotation goes, “If you educate a woman, you educate the entire family.”

We at Mira Fair Trade hope to empower women and underprivileged artisans by helping them attain long-term sustainability and economic independence through the Fair Trade model rather than via traditional charitable donations. We are excited to offer our customers a wide variety of eclectic and unique home decor products made ethically with many recycled materials! 

What Does Mira Fair Trade Stand For?


To safeguard the lifestyle of marginalized artisans by delivering products which embolden their individual and cultural identities.


A global, fair trade lifestyle.


Elevate and Inspire

Mira Fair Trade maintains a commitment to improving the overall well-being of our artisans and their families. We focus on women and the economically disadvantaged in order to uplift the most impoverished of our global community. 

Up-cycle to Unite

Mira Fair Trade recognizes a responsibility to all living beings as well as Mother Earth. In order to reduce our environmental footprint, we actively promote the reuse of as many materials as possible. 

Local influence, Global Responsibility

Mira Fair Trade understands that universal change begins with the individual. Therefore, Fair Trade Federation principles act as our means for conducting business and further developing the fair trade way of life. 

How Are Mira Fair Trade Treasures Produced?

Mira's metal chimes are made by a single family in the town of Behat in the northern state of Uttar Pradesh, India. Male members over the age of 18 in the family such as husbands, uncles, sons and nephews are all part of chime making. They work alongside their sisters, mothers, wives and aunts out of an old, converted house which is now their workshop in the remote village. 

Bell making's a traditional art form which originated out of the need to track herds of cattle though remote areas of India. Herders knew the sound of their cattle by the tone each bell. Generations later, these bells are still being made: some for temple purposes, some for herding purposes, and some for decorative purposes like those which we bring to you. 

Bell totas, or prosperity hens as they are also known, are decorative hangings used by families in India to garner luck and prosperity. The totas consist of a string of stuffed or carved animal designs strung together with beads and bells to make a beautiful piece of decor. Tradition has it that when a family hangs these totas in their doorway or window, they bring about good luck and auspiciousness to the household and the family members.

The most widely used forms of transportation in India are motorbikes and bicycles, so it's no surprise there's an abundance of leftover, broken and unused bike chains lying around. Our artisans recognised this and in an effort to be "green" used this material as a base for decoration! Adapting them into modern and functional designs — creating hooks, desk art, picture frames, and more.

How Much Will Shipping Cost?

Free delivery to the USA

This treasure ships free to the United States with package tracking included automatically.

We do not ship Mira Fair Trade internationally at this time.

How Long Before My Order Ships?

Mira Fair Trade ships 1-3 days (on average) after receiving orders

How Will My Mira Fair Trade Get To Me?

Mira Fair Trade ships their treasure in the continental USA via UPS, FEDEX or USPS.

Will My Mira Fair Trade Be Tracked?

Yes, all Mira Fair Trade goods will be shipped with tracking automatically included.

How Long Before My Mira Fair Trade Goods Arrive?

Mira Fair Trade goods ship within 1-2 days from their locations in the United States and generally delivery takes between 1-3 days after shipping. So you can expect delivery within 2-5 days after you place an order.

How Do You Offset Carbon?

We plant a tree with every item purchased on our store. Purchase 3 Mira Fair Trade goods & we'll plant 3 trees — offsetting carbon from shipping by reforesting lands with native flora, not quick grow tree farms.

We do this with the help of Ecologi & The Eden Reforestation Project. They partner with villages committed to restoring their forests. Hiring and training local villagers to plant new trees.

They only plant native tree species. And the villages protect their new forests because they have a vested interest in them. See more here.

How Do Returns & Exchanges Work?

Change Of Heart?

• You're welcome to return or exchange any items in your order — open a return request within 15 days of delivery

• All returned items must be received in their original condition & packaging within 30 days of delivery

• We do not pay for return shipping if you have a change of heart

• We strongly advise returning your order with tracking as we can't be responsible for items that go missing before they reach us

• We will process all returns within 7 days of receiving them

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