Little Green Man Tote - New Dawn

$60 USD
$60 USD

Featuring a vibrant colour image of Herman Saftleven's 1863 drawing Vetplant, the Little Green Man Tote Bag in yellow will announce your distinct sense of style wherever you go—the gym, the beach, the supermarket, the theatre, you name it.

The same image is printed on both sides of the bag, and it's sturdy, too (max weight limit: 33lb/15kg) so you can fill it with groceries, books, your laptop, bottles of water (or wine)... even a crystal ball packed with alternate realities.



Size & Capacity

• Printed tote bag's size: 15" x 15" (38.1cm x 38.1cm).• Capacity: 2.6 US gal (10l).• Maximum weight limit: 33lbs (15kg).


• The Bag: 100% spun polyester—a durable weave that feels like cotton.• The handles: 100% natural cotton bull denim—a twill weave that's soft but tough.• Handle length: 11.8" (30 cm), width 1" (2.5cm).• Soft cotton feel, but wrinkle-resistant and much longer-lasting.• Our fabrics will maintain the vibrance of your new bag's print longer than cotton. Over a lifetime of day-to-day wear + weekly scrub-a-dub-dubs, our reusable bags will come out looking fresher than their cotton rivals. But they're not invincible. Follow our care instructions to make sure the colours stay bold and true.


We only use Genuine Brother GT-3, water-based pigment inks. They're eco-friendly, CPSIA compliant and Oeko-Tex™ certified. That means they're safe for kids. And they reduce environmental waste.Bonus: GT-3 inks provide a high washing colourfast AATCC rating of 4. Double bonus: Our direct to garment, sublimation printing means you'll never experience the 'peeling effect' of a well-worn t-shirt like you do with screenprinting.



Wanderlost & Found reusable bags are sturdy and easy to clean, but they're not invincible. Every Wanderlost & Found bag will experience normal wear and tear over time. So here's how to clean reusable grocery bags, or computer carrying bags, or whatever you see in these adaptable tote bags for everyday use. Follow these care instructions to keep them looking fresh and vibrant for as long as possible:• Machine wash cold (30-40°) — inside-out and on a gentle cycle with mild detergent and similar colours.• Do not bleach.• Do not use fabric softeners.• Do not tumble dry.• Do not iron.• Do not dry clean.


Wanderlost & Found's sturdy reusable grocery bags are eco-friendly plastic bag alternatives for groceries. Or are they? They could also be your fashion-forward bag for a laptop and gym clothes.To be honest, these reusable bags are up for anything. They're adaptable tote bags for everyday use that can multitask like a juggler on a unicycle.Want a yoga carrying bag? Searching for a stylish commuter laptop bag? Hunting for womens computer bags that will also delight a farmers market junky? Or do you want to buy casual bags online from conscious brands that make ethical fashion a priority instead of a marketing ploy? Look no further!These go green bags go even further than that. They're tried and tested weightlifters — able to carry over 40 cans of soup, 5 bricks, or 132 sticks of butter. This is a zero-waste gift for anyone that puts planet before profit because there is no planet B and trash is for tossers!What's more, you can thrash this zero dechets, vegan tote around like an animal, then machine wash it to your heart's content. Follow our care instructions and the colours on this enduring, heavy-duty tote bag will stay bright and true.So, whether you see a library bag, teacher retirement gift, laptop bag, beach tote, sac cabas, canvas tasche or a festival bag — this guy's ready to be whoever you want them to be...We have production houses across the USA and EU. So Wanderlost & Found's made in USA tote bags are euro tote bags, too.They may not have a mid-Atlantic accent, but our tote bag decorations can pronounce your distinct sense of style as golf cart grocery bags in Cali or medium sized shoulder bags in Hampstead.


Wanderlost and Found is an ethical marketplace for mindfully made products. We're committed to making ethics stylish by design.Ethical considerations are at the forefront of everything we do. We ask the tough ethical questions of our production partners to help you make ethical online shopping a breeze.We offer products that aren't just token ethical gifts, or greenwashed fantasies. We believe in transparency and clarity.That's why we question assumed knowledge about sustainability and ethics so we can look at the entire production chain, not just one part of it. That's why we go deeper than 'environmentally friendly' or 'handmade' because those easy labels don't always tell the whole story of how a product has been created. They don't always honour sustainable development. They don't always take working conditions into account.Sometimes labels offer easy answers — highlighting one good thing over a parade of unsustainable practices. That's why we're going beyond the basics to focus on sustainable manufacturing. It's why we're committed to fair fashion AND sustainable fashion. It's why we source handmade gifts from around the world and offset their carbon footprint when shipping them to you.We're determined to improve day after day. Sustainable business models aren't an optional extra or marketing opportunity. The world needs better. That's why Wanderlost & Found is an artisan store that respects our shared future — embedding sustainable business practices wherever we can, whenever we can, however we can.We're not afraid to keep changing, improving and evolving our sustainability commitments. We're here to be as ethical as possible without sacrificing style.

This Product Is Print On Demand

Wanderlost & Found is a print on demand company because the sustainable creation of manufactured products is at the core of our business strategy, which is supported by our sustainability strategy.Print on demand services offer an ethical framework that avoids the wastage of fast fashion. It's helping us shift the tides of overproduction that are at odds with ethical consumerism and undermine sustainable lifestyles.Print on demand keeps us lean and focused. It means we can offer more without costing the planet. Print on demand takes elements of the slow fashion movement to create sustainable print designs that become sustainable home goods, ethical clothing, more ethically sourced alternatives to fast fashion.We don't produce our products until they're ordered. So we don't have mountains of unwanted stock sitting in a warehouse. In fact, we don't have any unwanted stock because we only produce what you want. And if you decide to return it, we recycle whatever we can and donate any fabric products to animal shelters.Print on demand helps us meet our sustainable development goals and yours, too.

We're Making Shopping Kinder

All the products on Wanderlost & Found meet sustainability commitments — ours and yours. We've aligned ourselves to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals. And we're committed to making ethics stylish by design with sustainable designs and ethical labour practices.We know how much more powerful the world could be if we make it better together. And that's why we've baked in local and sustainable impacts with every order on our store. The incredible folks at B1G1 make it possible to create these HUGE impacts to our planet's future that we couldn't possibly achieve on our own. Besides... honest work is always more fun with friends!

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We're committed to making ethics stylish by design. And a big part of that is avoiding waste from excess production. That's why many of our products are print on demand, which means we produce them individually when ordered, not en masse like fast fashion retailers.

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