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Hand Painted Tree Steel Drum Ornament

Giving the gift of Fair Trade employment with every purchase • When you visit Croix des Bouquets, the area of Port-Au-Prince known for metal work, you're met with a cacophony of tink, tink, tink as ball peen hammers strike sheets of steel. The sheets are cut from steel drums coloured by oil and other liquids the drums at one time held.

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Free Shipping • USA Only

179 Reviews
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This tree decoration is handmade in Haiti from scrap steel drums and hand painted. They are light enough to hang well on a tree and keep Haiti in mind during the holiday period. The tree with cut out star is 5 inches tall and 3 inches wide.

Multiply your Good Deeds With Every Treasure On Our Store

Every Treasure = 1 Tree Planted

Every Treasure's Ethically Produced

Every Treasure = 1 Global Impact

Mindfully Made By Haitian Artists

Turning sheets of metal into wall art's all done by hand — cutting edges of trees & leaves, accenting lizards with textured scales, painting or lacquering final designs. The artists are rightfully proud, signing pieces on the back, leaving a raised, reversed signature on the front.

Sustainably Produced

Empowering Artisans

Guided By Fair Trade


Free Shipping • USA Only

179 Reviews
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Croix des Bouquets?

When you visit Croix des Bouquets, the area of town known for Haitian metal art in the capital of Port-Au-Prince, you are met with a cacophony of tink, tink, tink as ball peen hammers strike sheets of steel. The sheets are cut from steel drums colored by oil and other liquids the drums at one time held. 

The Croix des Bouquets mission is to offer income-generating opportunities to craftspeople in developing countries by following fair trade practices including paying in advance at least the market price for items, ensuring that craftspeople receive payment, and ensuring that the craftspeople work in fair working conditions. They work directly with artisans, craftspeople, and producer groups to achieve these goals and hopefully help improve the lives of some of the people with whom we share this planet.

What's So Special About Croix des Bouquets?

Crafted from recycled 55-gallon steel drums by village artisans in Haiti, Croix des Bouquets' stunning pieces of art are truly one-of-a-kind! The process of turning sheets of metal into beautiful art is all done by hand. Steel drums used to transport oil into the capital of Haiti are cut, the oil is burned off to clean the metal, and then flattened in order to create stunning, upcycled art. Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Use.  

The artists are proud of their work, signing the pieces on the back side, leaving a raised, reversed signature on the front.

Suitable for Indoor or Outdoor Use: Each piece of metal art whether painted or natural is coated with a layer of clear lacquer to protect the metal from any rust. 

To hang metal art simply use pin head nails in the many nooks and spaces available in the design. 

Given the handmade nature of this product please allow for minor variations. As the metal is recovered from recycled oil drums and colored through a burning process it will vary slightly in coloration. Typically the piece has a darkened steel patina. 

Where's My Croix des Bouquets Treasure Made?

Your new Croix des Bouquets treasure was produced locally, ethically and sustainably in Port-Au-Prince, the capital of Haiti.

How Much Will Shipping Cost?

Free delivery to the continental USA

We ship Croix des Bouquets for free within the continental United States.

How Long Before My Order Ships?

Croix des Bouquets ships packages 1-3 days (on average) after receiving orders.

How Will My Order Get To Me?

Croix des Bouquets ships their treasure domestically in the continental USA via USPS.

Will My Package Be Tracked?

Yes, your Croix des Bouquets goods will be sent with USPS tracking.

How Long Before My Order Arrives?

Croix des Bouquets ship items within 1-3 days after receiving an order. They ship from their location in the United States via USPS. And delivery time after shipping is 1-3 days on average. So you can expect your treasure to arrive within 2-6 days after placing an order.

How Do You Offset Carbon?

We plant a tree with every item purchased on our store. Purchase 3 Croix des Bouquets products & we'll plant 3 trees — offsetting carbon from shipping by reforesting lands with native flora, not quick grow tree farms.

We do this with the help of Ecologi & The Eden Reforestation Project. They partner with villages committed to restoring their forests. Hiring and training local villagers to plant new trees.

They only plant native tree species. And the villages protect their new forests because they have a vested interest in them. See more here.

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