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Create your own art gallery at home • Museum-quality Epson art paper prints + Epson HDR archival grade inks resistant to humidity, UV + atmospheric ozone • Ethically produced at crafters workshops in the USA, EU & AUS • Ready to ship worldwide in 2-5 days

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The Entering Ayodhya² Giclée Print in black and white will make a welcome addition to any living space, bedroom or office.

Captured at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, this vivid monochrome image will complement any environment that needs a dash of inspiration.


• Printed exclusively on Epson's acid-free Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper, which helps prevent yellowing over time and is thick enough to help prevent cockling when handling.

• Lustrous finish between gloss and matte.

• Weight: 260g/m².

• Thickness: 0.277mm/10mil.

• Base: paper + polyethylene.

• ISO Brightness: 0.91.

• Opacity: 0.96.


• All Wanderlost & Found giclée prints are printed with Epson UltraChrome water based HDR ink-jet technology.

• Epson UltraChrome inks are fast drying and incorporate a resin-coating (RC) that supports maximum ink coverage.

• The water-based HDR ink-jet technology delivers a high D-Max for intense lifelike images that rival those of traditional silver halide output.


Made Brand New, Just For You & Ethically, Too

Overproduction's 1 of the biggest contributors to landfill & the easiest to fix. Your new archival grade Giclée print will be made brand new after your order's placed. It's called print on demand: minimising landfill waste, reducing water consumption & diminishing energy use.

Multiply your Good Deeds With Every Treasure On Our Store

Every Treasure = 1 Tree Planted

Every Treasure's Ethically Produced

Every Treasure = 1 Global Impact

Ethically Printed By Crafters In USA, EU + AUS

Our Giclée prints are produced by local heroes in the USA, EU & AUS using Epson's art papers — ready to ship worldwide in 2-5 days. Everyone who works at our suppliers' facilities earn living wages, paid holidays & healthcare benefits. Each workshop's implemented corporate social responsibility initiatives e.g. LED lighting + recycling programs for paper, plastic & glass.


Create Your Own Art Gallery At Home

Museum-Quality Papers & Inks That Will Dazzle For Decades

Printed & Ready To Ship Worldwide in 2-5 Days

Free Shipping • Delivers Globally

17 Reviews
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100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is My New Giclée Print Made?

Produced In USA, EU & AUS

Your new giclée print will be printed, precision-cut and shipped from an ethical crafting workshop in the USA, EU or AUS. The blank art paper is sourced from Epson.

What Paper Do You Print On?

Epson Ultra Premium Luster Photo Paper

In between a gloss and matte finish, providing you with highly saturated, maximum ink coverage. Because of its saturation and resistance to fingerprints, luster paper is a popular choice for photographic prints.

This super-high-quality paper is designed for professional photography and digital printmaking. It has been optimised for Epson Dye, Archival and UltraChrome ink to ensure high resolution prints with accurate colour. It is fast drying and incorporates a resin-coating (RC) that supports maximum ink coverage with a high D-Max for intense lifelike images that rival those of traditional silver halide output. The paper features a heavy base that keeps it cockle-free along with a premium Lustre finish that is particularly suited to wedding, portrait and school photography work.

Epson Matte Paper

Durable & archival quality—an industry measurement of how long an image will last without its colour fading or changing tones. 

The paper's acid-free, which helps protect against yellowing over time. And it's resin coated too, so ink is absorbed as accurately as possible (without any bleeding) while retaining a vibrant and clear image.

If cared for correctly, your print should remain bright and vivid for 25 years or more.

What Inks Do You Use To Print Wall Art?

This piece of Wanderlost & Found wall art's printed with Epson UltraChrome water based HDR ink-jet technology. It is fast drying and incorporates a resin-coating (RC) that supports maximum ink coverage with a high D-Max for intense lifelike images that rival those of traditional silver halide output.

How Long Will This Piece Of Wall Art Last?

Our durable, Epson papers are archival quality. If cared for correctly, your print should remain bright and vivid for 25 years or more.

How Do I Care For My Giclée Print?

Our wall art is made with the most state-of-the-art archival printing process and materials to ensure that your photos will last as long as possible. Still, some basic precautions are in order, because all colour prints fade over time. It doesn't matter what process was used to make the print.

Relative humidity is the single most important factor in preserving most photographic prints, but taking care when handling any item is one of the more effective, cost-efficient, and easily achieved preservation measures.


Natural skin oils or other contaminants can easily transfer to the print. As a preventative measure, we recommend washing your hands before touching a photograph. If possible wear clean, white cotton gloves that are lint free and designed for handling the art.

Use both hands and support the back of a print when picking up the photograph.

Never attempt to rub the surface of the image with your finger or fingernail as this could scratch the surface of the print.

Do not write on the back of photographs. Instead, label the packaging and use a soft pencil (B grade). Inks and pens can penetrate the surface and damage the item. 


The print should be dusted with a clean, soft rag, to prevent dust buildup. Never use cleaning products or water as this may permanently damage the print.


Glazing is important to protect the print from various types of damage resulting from sources such as smoke, ozone, cooking fumes and human touch or abrasion.

Glass is best. It is inexpensive, easy to cut, chemically inert, and resistant to scratches.

Museum style glass has a transparent, anti-reflective coating that makes it nearly invisible. This is not the old-style frosted glass that was used to reduce glare. Museum glass has a coating similar to what is used on modern camera lenses. The coating minimises reflections, making the glass very difficult to see. If you've ever seen a print under glass where the glass was almost invisible, you've seen museum glass.


Framing will provide protection by shielding against dirt, dust, pollution and temperature changes. NB: Select only acid free frames, matts and other materials.

Do not use glues, sprays or adhesive tapes on your photographs. Archival quality corner mounts are the best method of attaching your prints.


Unmounted prints and posters are especially vulnerable to crescent moon-shaped creases. Always lift the print by opposite corners (for example, top left and bottom right), letting the print gently bow or sag in the middle.

Never hang your print in direct sunlight, regardless of the type of glazing or frame that's used. Colour photographs are more vulnerable and will fade faster than black-and-white.

Avoid extreme fluctuations in moisture and temperature. Excessive fluctuations between dryness and humidity, or extreme heat and cold can negatively affect the state of your print. Museums keep the temperature generally around 18 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 40%. 

Keep photographs away from heaters, fireplaces and other sources of heat. Heat can speed up the degradation of the paper. If the humidity is too high, be on the lookout for mould.


Avoid exposing prints to ultra-violet light, high temperatures or high humidity.

Avoid damp environments.

Avoid metal paper clips and staples as they will likely rust and damage your prints over time.

How Much Will Shipping Cost?

Free delivery around the world

This treasure ships free around the world with package tracking included automatically.

How Long Before My Order Ships?

Wanderlost & Found wall art ships 2-5 days (on average) after receiving orders.

How Will My Package Get To Me?

We ships our wall art in the continental USA via UPS, FEDEX or USPS. We ship around the EU via Latvian Post. And around Asia Pacific via Australia Post.

Will My Wall Art Be Tracked?

Yes, all Wanderlost & Found wall art is shipped with tracking automatically included.

When Will My Wall Art Arrive?

Add Production Time To Your Region's Delivery Times

Production = 2-5 business days

Our suppliers print, produce, quality check & ship wall art within 2-5 days from their locations in the United States, European Union & Australia.


USA: 1-3 days

Canada: 2-5 days

Europe: 1-3 days

Australia: 1-3 days

New Zealand: 2-5 days

Rest of the world: 2-3 weeks

How Do You Offset Carbon?

We plant a tree with every item purchased on our store. Purchase 3 pieces of wall art & we'll plant 3 trees — offsetting carbon from shipping by reforesting lands with native flora, not quick grow tree farms.

We do this with the help of Ecologi & The Eden Reforestation Project. They partner with villages committed to restoring their forests. Hiring and training local villagers to plant new trees.

They only plant native tree species. And the villages protect their new forests because they have a vested interest in them. See more here.

How Do Returns & Exchanges Work?

Change Of Heart?

• You're welcome to return or exchange any items in your order — open a return request within 15 days of delivery

• All returned items must be received in their original condition & packaging within 30 days of delivery

• We do not pay for return shipping if you have a change of heart

• We strongly advise returning your order with tracking as we can't be responsible for items that go missing before they reach us

• We will process all returns within 7 days of receiving them

• Hate waiting? Activate your exchange/store credit within 24hr after your return/refund is approved

• We do not accept returns/exchanges of sale items

• Original delivery costs are non-refundable

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