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Brass Chunky Wrap Rings, Size 7

This treasure's brought to you by Bawa Hope • Individually & ethically handmade using upcycled & recycled materials wherever possible • The Kenyan artisan who crafted this treasure's respected for their craft & paid fairly for their artistry

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About This Treasure

Free Shipping • USA Only


Empower Marginalised Artisans & Help Safeguard The Environment

Overproduction's 1 of the biggest contributors to landfill & the easiest to fix

  • Bawa Hope's a Fair Trade company that works with marginalised artisans in Kenya

  • Bawa Hope see value in many things that would normally be thrown away — creating beautiful, sustainable & ethical pieces from upcycled & recycled materials

  • When you buy Bawa Hope products, you help create demand which fuels further collection, processing & utilisation of waste material, safeguarding the environment.

Multiply your Good Deeds With Every Treasure On Our Store

Every Treasure = 1 Tree Planted

Every Treasure's Ethically Produced

Every Treasure = 1 Global Impact

Gain Peace Of Mind Your Money's Being Kind

Everyone who made Your New Treasure Was respected for their artistry & paid fairly

  • Bawa Hope in Kenya is certified Fair Trade & socially responsible — connecting creative women and men in Kenya who produce high quality products with access to global markets. Using enterprise as a tool to empower those artisans & safeguard the environment through conscious conservation.

  • Brass metal, cow horns and bones, and other waste materials are turned into attractive, functional fashion accessories. All ethically made by local crafters paid living wages in safe, generous & responsible workshops.


Proud Member Of WFTO

Empowering Artisans

Sustainably Produced


Free Shipping • USA Only

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Bawa Hope?

Bawa Hope is a Fair-Trade company that works with marginalized handicraft artisans in Kenya. They connect creative women and men who produce high quality products with access to global markets. Their mision is to create and develop contemporary ethnic jewelry which satisfies consumer desires for value, quality, and fashion, whilst taking care of their local environment and creating opportunities for marginalized communities.

What's So Special About Bawa Hope?


Environmental conservation is a key pillar of Bawa Hope’s core values. Bawa Hope seeks to use enterprise as a tool to not only empower marginalized artisans but also to safeguard the environment.

Women and men living in informal settlements see value in many of the things we throw away. Brass metal, cow horns and bones, and other waste materials are turned into attractive, functional fashion accessories. When you buy these products, you help create demand which fuels further collection, processing, and utilization of waste material, thus safeguarding the environment.


Anne Nzilani (pronounced as nzee-lan-ee) grew up in a world of crafts – coming from the Kenyan community which gave the world the world famous kiondo basket. She has a big heart for social justice and believes in making a difference in the lives of marginalized but talented people. She has an innate ability to spot winning products with great market potential. She also has the knack to energize producers and get the best out of them

Anne’s expertise is in product development, production, and marketing. She interprets new designs in jewelry and fashion, working with artisans to develop new products. She identifies products with market potential and promotes them to customers

Anne has great networks and working relationships with producers from Kenya’s dominant craft clusters of Eastern Province (famous for kiondos and wood carvings), Nairobi (a key source of great natural jewelry) and Tabaka (home to the world’s most famous soapstone). 

Her experience in the export process comes from marketing visits to countries all over Europe and working with buyers there. Anne has worked on design projects with key international designers and design universities, including Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands and Cardenal Herrera CEU in Spain. 

Anne founded Bawa Hope to link talented women and men in the low-income areas of Nairobi and rural Kenya to marketing opportunities in Europe and the USA. She believes it is possible to transform the lives of marginalized producers from abject poverty to lifestyles of social fulfilment and economic empowerment through trade. 

Where's My Bawa Hope Treasure Made?

Your new Bawa Hope treasure was produced locally, ethically and sustainably in Kenya.

How Much Will Shipping Cost?

Free delivery to the continental USA

We ship Bawa Hope items for free within the continental United States.

How Long Before My Order Ships?

Bawa Hope ships packages 1-3 days (on average) after receiving orders.

How Will My Bawa Hope Treasure Get To Me?

Bawa Hope ships their goods domestically in the continental USA via USPS.

Will My Bawa Hope Treasure Be Tracked?

Yes, your Bawa Hope goods will be sent with USPS tracking.

How Long Before My Bawa Hope Treasure Arrives?

Bawa Hope ship items within 1-3 days after receiving an order. They ship from their location in the United States via USPS. And delivery time after shipping is 1-3 days on average. So you can expect your treasure to arrive within 2-6 days after placing an order.

How Do You Offset Carbon?

We plant a tree with every item purchased on our store. Purchase 3 Bawa Hope products & we'll plant 3 trees — offsetting carbon from shipping by reforesting lands with native flora, not quick grow tree farms.

We do this with the help of Ecologi & The Eden Reforestation Project. They partner with villages committed to restoring their forests. Hiring and training local villagers to plant new trees.

They only plant native tree species. And the villages protect their new forests because they have a vested interest in them. See more here.

How Do Returns & Exchanges Work?

Change Of Heart?

• You're welcome to return or exchange any items in your order — open a return request within 15 days of delivery

• All returned items must be received in their original condition & packaging within 30 days of delivery

• We do not pay for return shipping if you have a change of heart

• We strongly advise returning your order with tracking as we can't be responsible for items that go missing before they reach us

• We will process all returns within 7 days of receiving them

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