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Beaded Star Ornament Red

This treasure's brought to you by Global Mamas — a successful & socially responsible company in Africa • All work's done by hand using sustainable materials • Global Mamas creates ethical business relationships to promote better wages & working conditions for artisans

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About This Treasure

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Beads made from recycled glass are strung in a copper wire frame with a loop for hanging. 2.5 inches.


Made To Delight You & Help Artisans Thrive

Global Mamas products are full of life & love

  • The Global Mamas community is comprised of thousands of people from around the world working together with the mission of creating prosperity for African women and their families.

  • Global Mamas define prosperity beyond financial well-being to include happiness and good health.

  • Achieving prosperity by creating & selling unique, handcrafted products of the highest quality.

  • Each item is hand-crafted using traditional techniques, maintaining local artisanal skills such as batiking, bead-making and Shea butter production.

Multiply your Good Deeds With Every Treasure On Our Store

Every Treasure = 1 Tree Planted

Every Treasure's Ethically Produced

Every Treasure = 1 Global Impact

Fair Trade & Ethically Made At Every Stage

mothers, wives, grandmothers, sisters, talented entrepreneurs & leaders in their communities

  • The African women who comprise the Global Mamas artisan network have been certified as the primary beneficiaries of proceeds from product sales.

  • Global Mamas protects the rights of children by guaranteeing children are not involved in production + providing parents with the income to finance school fees, uniforms & supplies.

  • The Mamas receive personalized, hands-on training to refine skills & strengthen capacity to produce better products, manage growing businesses + personal incomes & improve their health and the health of their children.


Member Of The FTF

Handmade In Ghana

Member Of The WFTO


Free Shipping • USA Only

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Are Global Mamas?

Global Mamas was co-founded in 2003 as a non-profit organization aiming to transform the lives of women entrepreneurs in Ghana by helping them grow their businesses. Under the original name of "Women in Progress" batikers and seamstresses in the Cape Coast area were offered one-on-one consulting in business and financial management until six women said, “Listen, if you don’t help us find new markets for our textile products we aren’t going to need help with business management because there will be no businesses left to manage.” The small businesses owned and operated by these six women came together using the name Global Mamas to produce and export textile products under a common brand.

The mission of Global Mamas is to create a life of prosperity for African women and their families. They define prosperity as financial well-being, good health, and happiness. They achieve prosperity by creating and selling handmade products of the highest quality.

Each item is hand-crafted using traditional techniques, maintaining local artisanal skills such as batiking, bead-making and Shea butter production. Global Mamas products are unique and high-quality, tended to with care through a meticulous quality control process and by a dedicated customer service team. Global Mamas products include:

• Hand Batiked Textiles: Apparel for Kids and Adults, Accessories, Home Décor

• Recycled Glass Beads: Jewelry, Home Décor, Ornaments

• Shea Butter: Shea Butter Cream, Shea Butter Soap, Black Soap, Bulk Shea

• Recycled Plastic (Trashy): Accessories

What's So Special About Global Mamas?

Providing sustainable income generating opportunities for women continues to be the driving force behind their  work. Each month Global Mamas is committed to providing orders to the Mamas, ensuring each small business is fairly and punctually paid for their high quality work. In addition to providing a steady source of revenue, our definition of prosperity encompasses wealth, health, AND happiness! They support the Mamas' personal and professional growth by offering hands-on training in advanced technical skills, quality improvement, and creative design. Professional development opportunities in the areas of leadership, financial management, marketing and merchandising help the Mamas effectively manage their growing businesses and personal finances, while workshops in health and wellness promote physical well-being. They're able to accomplish these tremendously labor intensive capacity building activities thanks to the generously donated time and talent of some 400+ volunteers that have traveled to work with Global Mamas in Ghana since 2003. 

Where's My Global Mamas Treasure Made?

Your new Global Mamas treasure will be produced locally, ethically and sustainably in Ghana, Africa.

How Much Will Shipping Cost?

Free delivery to the continental USA

We ship Global Mamas for free within the continental United States.

How Long Before My Order Ships?

Global Mamas ships packages 1-3 days (on average) after receiving orders.

How Will My Global Mamas Treasure Get To Me?

Global Mamas ships their goods domestically in the continental USA via USPS.

Will My Global Mamas Treasure Be Tracked?

Yes, your Global Mamas goods will be sent with USPS tracking.

How Long Before My Global Mamas Treasure Arrives?

Global Mamas ship items within 1-3 days after receiving an order. They ship from their location in the United States via USPS. And delivery time after shipping is 1-3 days on average. So you can expect your treasure to arrive within 2-6 days after placing an order.

How Do You Offset Carbon?

We plant a tree with every item purchased on our store. Purchase 3 Global Mamas products & we'll plant 3 trees — offsetting carbon from shipping by reforesting lands with native flora, not quick grow tree farms.

We do this with the help of Ecologi & The Eden Reforestation Project. They partner with villages committed to restoring their forests. Hiring and training local villagers to plant new trees.

They only plant native tree species. And the villages protect their new forests because they have a vested interest in them. See more here.

How Do Returns & Exchanges Work?

Change Of Heart?

• You're welcome to return or exchange any items in your order — open a return request within 15 days of delivery

• All returned items must be received in their original condition & packaging within 30 days of delivery

• We do not pay for return shipping if you have a change of heart

• We strongly advise returning your order with tracking as we can't be responsible for items that go missing before they reach us

• We will process all returns within 7 days of receiving them

• Hate waiting? Activate your exchange/store credit within 24hr after your return/refund is approved

• We do not accept returns/exchanges of sale items

• Original delivery costs are non-refundable

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