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Take An Easy Peasy Warrior Kit To The Park, Camping, The Beach Or Wherever Else You're Heading

Summer Calls...


Ready, Set, Selfie

If You Stay Ready Then You Don't Have To Get Ready. Using These Straws Will Keep Your Lipstick Lush For Longer. They'll Also Help Prevent Coffee And Juices From Staining Your Teeth.

Straws = Concentrated Yumminess

+ Less Staining & Tartar = You Being More Selfie Ready — All Day, Every Day 🙌

Stop Drinking Chemicals

No More Plastic Leaching Into Drinks From Single-Use Straws. Stay Fresh With This 100% Plastic-Free, Eco-Warrior Kit. Or Eco-Warrior Princess Kit. Eco-Warrior Gardener, Designer, You Name It!

Everything In This Kit Is

100% Plastic Free + Chic To Boot!

4 x Bamboo Straws, 1 x Hemp Sisal Brush (No Plastic Here 😉 #nogreenwashing) And A Cotton Pouch + Cotton Rope Pull.

Ultra-Light Skinny Minnie

Pop The Straws In The Carrying Pouch. Watch It Fit Neatly Into A Clutch, Glove Compartment, Backpack Or Plenty Of Handy Spots In Your Life On The Go...

Up For For Anything

The Straws Vary In Size But They're All Wide Enough For Smoothie Bowls On The Beach, Muddled Cocktails At A Picnic Or A Sweet 'N' Creamy Caffeine Fix On Cheat Day.

Tough Cookies

These Straws Last Between 1-2 Years Of Regular Use. 

Easy-Peasy Eco-Warrior

Bamboo Won't Leach Plastic Into The Ocean When You Run It Through A Dishwasher + You'll Help Save The Planet By Limiting Plastic Sent To Landfill.

Green Thumb Lifestyle

+ Sustainable Life Cycle

When Your Straws Wear Out After 1-2 Years, Don't Throw Them In The Bin. Bury Them In A Garden Or With Potted Plants. They Biodegrade / Compost Safely. 

For More Circle Of Life Talk, Here's An Essential Trick For Potted Plants Lovers...

With This Trick, You'll Waste Less Water, Save Money And Be A Smart Guide For Every Plant You Welcome Home:

1. Break Up The Bamboo Straws Into Small Pieces.

2. Put The Stones At The Bottom. Then Put The Straws Over The Stones.

3. Make Sure The Pot's Drainage Holes At The Bottom Are Covered. This Becomes A Filtration System. Slowing The Water From Running Through The Soil Too Quickly. Which Leaves More Time For Your Plants To 'Keep Cool In The Pool' After You Water Them.

4. Add Rich Soil Above The Stones & Straws. Then Put Your Plant In The Soil And Voilà!

5. Grow Herbs, Spices, Small Fruit Trees Or Cacti In Pots. Whatever Pot, Wherever You Are. This Trick Works Every Time, By Design.


Gain Peace Of Mind

Your Money's Being Kind




+ Where Can I Find The Product Description?


A 100% cotton carry bag contains 4 bamboo straws plus a hemp sisal cleaner – no plastic here 😉

Reusable over and over again. Should last for about 1-2 years with regular daily usage. Use it again and again. Clean it then go right back on for another round of adventure.

The bamboo straws are 100% sustainably grown. Plus the hemp sisal cleaner won't leach nylon & microplastics into our oceans. Which fish and crustaceans eat by accident or with other fish, so we eat plastic now, too. Eww...

The straws are approx 20 cm long. Given the natural variation of bamboo they come in a variety of diameters from 4 mm to 6 mm internally. That diameter works great for muddled cocktails or smoothie bowls.

Hemp Sisal cleaner works best when wet. It can be stiff to use when dry & might be hard to get back our of the straw again.




Business For Good

Giveback impacts








+ How Do You Stay Wanderlost 24 / 7 / 365?

You Will Never Be Lost If

Getting Lost Is When You Take Off

Hello, I'm Toby — Founder and Creative Director of Wanderlost & Found. Like most entrepreneurs, I'm also a designer, strategist, accountant, part-time therapist and I even moonlight as a copywriter — all for my own business!

Everything you'll uncover on Wanderlost & Found is infused with my love of beauty, passion for travel, and the endless respect I have for my ancestors—past, present, and future.

If there was one thing I could ask everyone on Earth to do it would be:

Think how radically different our world could look if we stopped buying meaningless crap that's bad for the planet. Or does more harm to each person down the production line.

What if we agreed to live with one intention at a time? So that we can build our own way out of this moment in time that's a warning and an opportunity for us all.

What's the best way to regain stability for our shared home? I don't know exactly but it will only work if we do it together, practically, logically, methodically & with a very healthy dose of fun + a lush fashion hit or fine art here and there...

I'm personally committed to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.  We partner with the incredible folks at B1G1. You'll never hear me call myself or anyone else perfect, but I need to strive for something in order to keep on track with... everything else. I need something to occupy my good energy with honest work or else I feel empty all the time. Plus I linger in antique shops for days...

That mix of a wanderer spirit + an artist's and an entrepreneur's why every product on this site helps meet the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Design moves fast. And that's what our sustainability goals motivate us to do: keep moving. Wanderlost & Found is built to adapt regularly and often. Designed to start where we want to end up. The way our ancestors have before us, time and again.

Sustainability can be fun, easy, and even couture — but only by design...

Welcome aboard. I'm thrilled you're here with us on this flight from A to Wanderlost!


+ How Do You Make Ethics Stylish By Design?

Wanderlost and Found is an ethical marketplace for mindfully made products

We're committed to making ethics stylish by design. Ethical considerations are at the forefront of everything we do. We ask the tough ethical questions of our production partners to help you make ethical online shopping a breeze.

We offer products that aren't just token ethical gifts, or greenwashed fantasies. We believe in transparency and clarity.

That's why we question assumed knowledge about sustainability and ethics so we can look at the entire production chain, not just one part of it. That's why we go deeper than 'environmentally friendly' or 'handmade' because those easy labels don't always tell the whole story of how a product has been created. They don't always honour sustainable development. They don't always take working conditions into account.

Sometimes labels offer easy answers — highlighting one good thing over a parade of unsustainable practices. That's why we're going beyond the basics to focus on sustainable manufacturing. It's why we're committed to fair fashion AND sustainable fashion. It's why we source handmade gifts from around the world and offset their carbon footprint when shipping them to you.

We're determined to improve day after day. Sustainable business models aren't an optional extra or marketing opportunity. The world needs better. That's why Wanderlost & Found is an artisan store that respects our shared future — embedding sustainable business practices wherever we can, whenever we can, however we can.

We're not afraid to keep changing, improving and evolving our sustainability commitments. We're here to be as ethical as possible without sacrificing style.


1. The Straws & Sisal Brush Are Both Dishwasher Safe

2. No Dishwasher, No Problem — Hello Sisal, Nice To Meet You...

Sisal's Your New Hemp Cleaning Brush, By The Way

Wash Your Straw Wherever — At The Park, beach, Camping, You Name It

Give Sisal A Soak To Soften Their Bristles A Bit, Then...


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