Toby Leon

Ethical Entrepreneur

Comms & Digital Strategist

Collage Artist


Cynical Romantic

Ready To Explore?

Take a tour of the mountains I've climbed, goals kicked, places visited & how I came to be such a nerd

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of Some

Owner & Founder of Wanderlost & Found — ethically produced decor, gifts & more featured in dozens of interior design & lifestyle outlets around the globe.

Project manager + comms & digital strategist with 15+ years experience in the Arts & eCommerce industries

Managed teams from UK, Aus, USA, India, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam & more 

Producer & Host of Not in Print — deep dives with famous playwrights about 1 work over 30 min

Skillshare Ambassador with a 30k+ community on Instagram

Created a multi-award winning iOS app 

Solo Travel Map

I've travelled to: New York, UK (lived in London for 18 months), Barcelona, Chicago, Berlin, Ireland, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Belize, Sri-Lanka, China, Vietnam, Egypt, Paris, Italy, Thailand (lived in Bangkok for 18 months), Cambodia, Burma, Malaysia, Bali, Santiago, Buenos Aires and India—north on my first trip, south on my second, then back to the north for my third trip…

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