We save when you do

You're our good fortune & it's only right you share in it. Here's the thing: It costs (almost) as much to ship one piece of wall art as shipping two or more—same goes for our bags, phone cases, and pillows. So if the Timeless Sale discount is applied to your order we grin ear to ear. Why? Our suppliers have more work, we cut our shipping costs, and you save money. Everybody wins!

Any mood, size, OR colour

The Timeless Sale applies to 2 or more of the same product type in a single order. The rest is up to you. Got your eye on a piece of wall art that's 8x10" & another that's 24x36"? Take 10% off both. Want 2 pillows featuring images from different continents? Take 10% off both. What about 2 phone cases from different collections? Yep—discounted, too!

Same product, same order

The Timeless Sale applies to any 2 or more items of the same product type in the same order. The discount will not be applied to items in separate orders, or items in the same order that don't reach the 2 or more threshold. Let's say you order 3 phone cases and 1 piece of wall art. The 10% discount will be applied to each of the 3 phone cases, but not the piece of wall art.