Sell Your Art Online: Build An Art And Craft Business From Home

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What Is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment method that lets you satisfy demand for (just about) anything by leveraging the manufacturing, production, warehousing & logistics of third party suppliers.  

Instead of stocking products, you purchase them from a third-party supplier. That's right, you have no inventory. And after a customer places an order for the products on your store, their products are packed, processed & sent by the supplier, using your store's branding / info on the customer's invoice.


What To Do Before You Get Started

What Kind Of Dropshipping Business Can You Create?

Wondering what you need to start dropshipping? Let's begin by looking at what's possible... 

You can start a dropshipping business (single-handedly) that specialises in almost anything. Want to start an ecommerce store focused on camping equipment for glampers? Entirely possible with dropshipping.

Looking to launch a business selling handmade goods and ready-made products with your artwork / designs on them? There are plenty of options to start an art and craft business from home this way. Create your own online gallery using print on demand services so you can sell art online and so much more...


Start At The Beginning

No online store becomes wildly successful by starting with the finer details of ecommerce practices. They start with their customers. They start with a vision of how they can help them and connect with them. So you don't have to create any art gallery websites by starting with the finer details of ecommerce, either.  

You're developing an artist business plan as you go. You're creating an artist gallery that will make money while you sleep... one day. And you're a long way from there. Rome wasn't built in a day, remember, so all you need to do to get started is: 

Begin at the beginning — make sure everything you do or plan for will delight your audience 

Enjoy the process — it will take just as long whether you have a good time or not 

Document the process — most audiences LOVE behind the scenes content

Remember to stick to your main goal — take things step by step, brick by brick, day by day



Define The Playing Field:

What Is Print On Demand?

A production method that lets you satisfy demand for (just about) anything. 

Instead of stocking products, you purchase them from a third-party supplier. That's right, you have no inventory. After a customer places an order for the products on your store, their products are packed, processed & sent by the dropshipper, using your store's branding / info on the invoice.  


Print On Demand

Helping designers / artists sell their very own limited edition art prints on demand that ship globally

• Here’s one way to start an art and craft business from home. Place your design on top of a dropshipper’s blank products — using their custom mockup software. This will become the print file used to create your product consistently. It also produces a mockup to use on your store if you wish.

Dropshipper produces your designed product after a customer places an order. Then ships it to them with your store's branding / info.

• Check your print files carefully. Print on demand returns are only possible for faulty, damaged or incorrect items.

Ready-made: populate your ecommerce store with premade items that ship globally 

Handpick from dropshipper's product range to curate your store. 

Market them however you like — adapt the dropshipper's product images & descriptions to suit your niche. When you're not selling unique designs you need to find other ways to stand out... 

Dropshipper will send products to your customers with your branding. 

Dropshipper's return policy becomes your return policy


Define The Playing Field:

What Is An Artist Business Plan?


Dropshipping For Art And Craft Businesses

Why Is Dropshipping The Best Artist Business Plan For A Solopreneur? 

If you're wondering where to sell art near me, near you, or close by that art dealer you've been courting at openings after your second glass of vino... we have great news! Making a plan for artists to sell online has never been easier.
You don't need to develop a mammoth business plan for an art gallery of your own work. You can sell art online in Canada, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, the UK wherever. Just you. And a team of people you’ve never met who produce your artwork for you and ship it to your customers.
Want to try the best method to sell original art online without costing the Earth? You can do it from your bedroom. Or in Bali. Morocco, too. Ecommerce has developed A LOT the past few years. You don’t need to hire a team. You can subscribe to a bunch of different services and apps to get started as an aspiring solopreneur (solo entrepreneur).

Why Is Dropshipping Especially Good For Creatives With Grand BUSINESS Ideas But Little Experience?

Just because it's never been easier for artists to sell online, doesn't mean you have to become an ecommerce mastermind overnight. Start by optimising for your main goal: bringing your art studio online so you can build deeper connections with your audience.
Take it step by step. Don't rush it and then hate yourself for not being perfect under pressure. Setting unrealistic expectations is one of the quickest routes to feeling overwhelmed.

Turbo-Charge Your Creativity

Define The Playing Field:

How Do You Budget For Dropshipping?


On Budgets AKA 'Targeted Spending'

Dropshipping = Low Cost, Low Risk

You don't have to spend big to find success with dropshipping. Go deep & narrow with a niche, start with a small but mighty range, test early, see what works, optimise, add more...

Or It's An Open Invitation To Spend 

If you want to focus on luxury items to reach higher profit margins, expect to pay more upfront for bells & whistles. But it doesn't always require cash money. So much of luxury is extra thought embedded in a customer's experience:
• Make their experience smoother, simpler, and in premium packaging.
Deliver richer & more meaningful content at every stage that also feels personalised... beyond just coding their first name into an email. 
Blend your outcomes with your customers'. If you spend time creating luxury, ensure it delights them enough to encourage repeat sales.

How Do You Stand Out In A Crowded Marketplace?

Take a Long Hard Look at Your 'Shortcuts'

It's All About The Company You Keep

Choose the dropshipping right partner, half the job’s done for you. And the wrong partner? You get 3 times the workload: your job + theirs + however long it takes to clean up their mess... 

1. Do your due diligence. Check Trust Pilot or other 3rd party review sites. See what people are saying about every dropshipper, app or subscription you consider.

2. Make sure you talk to their support staff. Ask detailed questions about their products, services, website etc. Things they won't be able to answer straight away. Their response will tell you a lot about the company culture. And how they're likely to respond if (when!) you need help troubleshooting.

3. Find a team that truly wants to help you to succeed. Which doesn't necessarily mean newer companies hungry for clients. Plenty of larger companies offer meaningful support and gold star service. 


Ask To Raid The 'Storage Closet'

You already get access to a dropshipper's resources before you make a sale — copy, product images, even video if you're lucky. 
Set yourself apart by asking for more than you can see publicly. And get ahead of any doubts they may have with a pre-prepared sweetener. The trick is to offer something you would have been doing anyway. Like editing content they share with you that hasn't been made public... or edited.


Ask To Learn The Ropes

You don't pick, pack or invoice orders when dropshipping. That's all taken care of. But you should be able to confidently explain your ordering process + shipping & returns info to customers. That includes troubleshooting
It won't look good if you have to wait for someone else to deliver basic info about your own customer's order. You don't need to be an expert but learn the ropes.

Fair Trade x Shopping Kinder

Contents = Definitions + Innovations + Challenges x Solutions

What Is Fair Trade And Why Is It Important?

What Exactly Is Fair Trade?

The idea is simple. We trade goods and services fairly so everyone can live a decent life. Hopefully a happy and productive one. Full of surprises. But fair, first and foremost.

Fair trade is not just about commerce. It is also about social justice. Fair trade seeks to empower marginalized producers and workers. Working with them for a stronger voice in the international trading system.

What is fair-trade and why is it important?

This vs That

The Difference Between Fair Trade And Free Trade

Fair trade is built on the principles of equality, transparency and respect. An alternative to the conventional 'free trade' model, which has historically lead to exploitation and injustice.

Fair trade starts by valuing people and planet over profit. A fairer and more sustainable world for all of us. So there's a chasm between the 2 models right from the start.

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Write some content about what they are saying about your store.

Free shipping

Free worldwide shipping and returns - customs and duties taxes included

Free shipping

Free worldwide shipping and returns - customs and duties taxes included

Free shipping

Free worldwide shipping and returns - customs and duties taxes included

Write some content about what they are saying about your store.

Tell your story

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Image with text

Use image with text to give your customers insight into your brand. Select imagery and text that relates to your style and story.



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Write some content about what they are saying about your store.

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